Go Home, 2016, You’re Drunk

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Trust me, 2016, I can't possibly do worse. And you know we hid your car keys for a reason.

A lot of us would like you to be done. Enough is enough. We've been patient, but you've been downright obnoxious and hostile. You don't have to go home, 2016, but you can't stay here. Actually, please just go home.

I'm flagging you a cab, giving the driver a twenty, and sending you packing. And while I have my wallet out, I'm making one more tax-deductible contribution to Charitocracy. Maybe if enough donors chip in, we can make 2017 a little bit better for everyone.

Here are the 3 best ways I can make a year-end contribution to Charitocracy:

Donation receipts are emailed instantly in all 3 cases. Let's start off 2017 on the right foot!

2016, let me hold that while you get out

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