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Charitocracy blog + website, two great tastes that taste great together

... a blog post about the blog!

Maybe you’ve noticed that the blog is now embedded within the main Charitocracy site? Goodbye, hello! (If you haven’t noticed, that’s a good sign it’s been a smooth transition.)

The blog predates the rest of the site by nearly a year, and was hosted on a separate server. My SEO gurus (hey, Dave & Tommy!) tell me that’s frowned upon by some search engine algorithms. Not to mention, it’s just a historical artifact that they were separate.

Build it and then what?

My “Build It And They Will Come” mentality is starting to show its naïveté. That saying only holds true for the ghosts of baseball legends when you transform a corn field into a baseball diamond. Or maybe putting up a Starbucks next to the research station in Antarctica. Charitocracy, without the same captive audience, will need to start taking marketing much more seriously in order to carry out our mission.

Organic growth has been humbling, in multiple senses of that word. On one hand, 100% year-to-year growth in donors on nothing more than word-of-mouth and the generosity of our friends and family fills my heart. You guys amaze me. On the other hand, we have ~200 donors today, while the site in its current form could easily serve 2000 or even 20,000 donors.

Expect to hear more about our new marketing efforts in the coming weeks, as we enter 2017’s Giving Season!

Let me get this straight, not only won't they come, but they won't even see what I built unless I boost it?

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