OBCF 40th birthday $4000 grant recipient: Sea Change OBX

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$4000 special OBCF 40th birthday grant recipient Sea Change OBX

We had a BLAST on Saturday at Outer Banks Community Foundation's 40th birthday bash at the Brewing Station! This is just a little cross-post for our USA donors about what's happening in OBX!

Making it rain on otherwise gorgeous day with $4000 grant

I couldn't believe the endless stream of new Charitocracy sign-ups at the event. Not to mention the scores of new donors joining without our assistance during the event and in the preceding weeks. But our card swiper was working non-stop throughout the afternoon, with the last donation received and vote cast just 3 minutes before the stroke of 5pm when we froze voting. I barely had time to escape from behind my laptop and get on stage for the final countdown!

Thanks to board members Lisa Nicholson and Sam Cortez for their assistance at the event, and to the entire team at Outer Banks Community Foundation for kicking off our partnership with such fanfare. And finally, thanks to co-founder Jessica Sands for MC'ing the event and being the darling face of Charitocracy for the afternoon. Also for lining up such talented musicians (Jonny Waters & KT Bender) to keep the party going!

$4000 grant recipient: Sea Change OBX

And did I mention, Sea Change OBX earned the $4000 grant by getting the most (44.5) votes? It only seems fitting that Jessica Loose pulled this off. The same legendary Charitocracy donor to go from zero to hero in February 2020, leading to the month-after-month local "hijacking" of Charitocracy, culminating in the spin-off of Charitocracy OBX from Charitocracy USA. I don't know about the rest of you, but I saw Sea Change OBX coming for this additional $4000 grant a mile away!

Now what?!

The day after the party we resumed the normal monthly schedule for our October grant, with a Top 10 announcement. Next, your votes will narrow down the playing field to the Top 3 contenders tomorrow night. No rest for the weary! So get your votes (re)cast and let's keep the momentum going strong!

Take a page out of Jessica Loose's playbook: don't be afraid to introduce new people to Charitocracy and convince them to support your favorite nominee. Friends, family, neighbors, random strangers on the street... They could all use a little more Charitocracy in their lives, right? And we could stand to have our monthly OBX grants grow a bit more, too. Win, win! To keep things in perspective, we're only talking $1 per month. What's that these days with inflation, a sip of coffee?

Your Charitocracy donations pouring into monthly pot
"Keep pourin'."

Partnerships and Endowments and Cakes, Oh My!

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Outer Banks Community Foundation plus Charitocracy

This bit of news about our new partnership is a long time in the making, but I'm excited to finally share it!

The Partnership

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is the most important nonprofit down here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where we set up shop and call home. Their tagline is "Connecting people who care with causes that matter." Some years ago they ran a giving circle that our family participated in. Each family would throw $250 per year into the hat, and collectively decide on which OBX nonprofits to send the money. Sound familiar?!

We are humbled here at Charitocracy that OBCF has decided to breathe life back into their giving circle in the form of Charitocracy OBX. We will continue to offer participation for as little as $1 per month, embracing Charitocracy's mission of making philanthropy accessible to everyone. That's always been a popular option, and as always, each donor gets one vote regardless of how much they donate. However, as always, a bigger donation doesn't have a louder voice at Charitocracy, but it does have a bigger impact...

So we'll also offer donation "bundles" at the $250 per year "Golden" level, familiar to past participants in OBCF's giving circle, as well as a new $100 per year "Silver" level. These bundles include monthly contributions to the OBX and USA monthly grant pots, so you can vote on both monthly grants, locally and nationally. They also include contributions to OBCF's Community Fund as well as "tips" to help offset Charitocracy's expenses. (Remember, we're an all-volunteer nonprofit ourselves, and have to pay the costs of credit card processing, servers, insurance, etc., so these tips, while optional, are very important to keep us afloat!) Finally, the bundles include contributions to our new endowment!

For Charitocracy USA donors, the default bundles don't include any OBX-specific contributions. But if you want to add some OBX to the mix, just switch over to the OBX site and sign-up or change your current donation over there instead, and the OBX bundle components will show up for you, too. Go nuts!

The Endowment

The former giving circle at OBCF just happened to have some funds left over and looking for a new home, to the tune of over $6000. As part of our partnership they're going to assign those funds over to Charitocracy! We'll be able to withdraw a small percentage annually, and use that to top off the monthly pots, cover expenses, or whatever is our biggest need in fulfilling our charitable purpose. We'll also keep track of how much of the new endowment deposits are coming from Charitocracy OBX vs. Charitocracy USA, by looking at the monthly pot contributions accompanying each endowment contribution. That way we can maintain a fair distribution of those funds back out into the OBX and national nonprofit sectors.

This is how I like to think of it: You can give $1 now, and we'll put it in the next grant check. You can give $20, and we can continue to put it into upcoming grant checks. Or you can give $20, and we can put it into the endowment, and now that becomes the same as $1 every year... forever*.

*For some rough approximation of forever, and some rough guess at how the endowment investments perform over time. But at least OBCF has been going for 40 years now and knows a thing or two about managing endowments! They hold over $22,000,000 in ~200 charitable endowments.

The Cake... and $4000!

I'm glad I got your attention. The cake is not a lie, and neither is the $4000 grant. Except it might be a bit far for many of you, spread around the country or even the world, to travel... On Saturday October 15, from 2pm to 6pm, at the Outer Banks Brewing Station, we'll be celebrating OBCF's 40th anniversary with a backyard birthday bash! Let's raise pints of our favorite cold beverages to toast the next 40 years of charitable giving in the Outer Banks! And eat cake, and take this new partnership for a spin...

We'll be hijacking Charitocracy OBX that day in order to vote on a special $4k grant from OBCF to some lucky local nonprofit with the most votes! Every OBX nonprofit nominated on Charitocracy OBX is eligible, even if they've already won in the past 12 months. And any local 501(c)(3) that needs a nomination can either join up and self-nominate the good old-fashioned way, or email scout@obcf.org before October 1st to be auto-nominated. After the event, we'll narrow to the Top 10 for the usual October grant, and it'll be back to our normal schedule. (Charitocracy USA will remain unaffected by any of these shenanigans!)

I look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, consider logging in and switching your annual donation to one of our new pre-configured bundles, or customizing your own perfect combination of monthly pot, endowment, tip, and Community Fund contributions. Your continued generosity shouldn't surprise me any more, but it always does. Thank you. ❤️

The Outer Banks Community Foundation invites the public to its 40th Birthday Backyard Bash at the Outer Banks Brewing Station on Saturday, October 15 from 2 – 6 pm. The free event will feature live music, birthday cake, and a $4,000 grant to be awarded to one local charity by event-goers. This community grant kicks off a new partnership with Charitocracy OBX, our new, local, online giving circle, where donors pool their contributions, nominate, and vote for local nonprofits to receive grants each month.

“Our Community Foundation was built on a model of many people making modest contributions, for the betterment of the entire community,” said President and CEO Chris Sawin. “As we reflect on 40 years of giving, we are humbled by the efforts of others and inspired to do our part to position this extraordinary organization into its next 40 years of service. We are very pleased to mark this auspicious occasion by launching a new giving platform the whole community can be involved in, starting at just $1 a month.”

[Read the whole news post here on OBCF's website.]

Outer Banks Community Foundation's 40th Birthday Backyard Bash

300 Donors

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300 Donors

We reached the 100 donor mark during our first month of operation back in September 2016. We reached the 200 donor mark one year later in September 2017. And that's where it stayed for 2018 and 2019, with our new donor attraction rate in rough equilibrium with our attrition rate.

Now, in early 2021, we have crossed the 300 donor mark. 🥳

Sea Change OBX, named the winner one year ago last week, ushered in a new era. An era of nominees encouraging their own networks of donors, members, and followers to join Charitocracy and vote. In fact, the past twelve months have been largely dominated by winners that won by introducing new donors to Charitocracy. And that goes for our most recent February 2021 winner, too!

Another driver of new donors has been our new OBX site. While most OBX donors were already USA donors, we've also attracted some newcomers to this regional spin-off. If you haven't already thrown a buck in the OBX pot, come join us in the voting over there each month, too. Or you can redirect some/all of your current monthly USA donation over to OBX, no additional charge. Adjust your monthly donation here.

Statistical breakdown of 300+ donors

For those who are curious, here's the break-down as of today:

  • USA-only donors: 241
  • OBX-only donors: 19
  • Donors to both pots: 50
  • Total USA donors: 291
  • Total OBX donors: 69
  • Total donors: 310

Where we go from here: 400!

There's nothing stopping us from doing it again in the next 12 months! The #1 thing about Charitocracy that donors like most is how they can amplify their donations. Even at the $1 per month level, their donations when combined with everyone else's add up to over $1000. And when nominating their favorite cause, or "cheerleading" for one particular nominee they feel strongly about, it becomes a real easy sell to attract friends and family.

You invite all your friends with easy to generate social media and/or email invitations. Your friends chip in as little as $12 for the year, and vote for your cause. Once there's a couple dozen of them, you're in a very strong position to have those donations amplified, easily by an order of magnitude. Never mind the next 11 months and beyond of voting in other great causes to win monthly grants!

Do I hear 500? Benj needs a haircut...

I've been saying for a while now that once we hit the 500 active donor mark, I'd be open to cutting my long hair. And perhaps even cutting my hair to a style selected by the most successful Charitocracy recruiter helping to hit the 500 mark!

We've been keeping track of referrals since the beginning, so if you don't see someone listed in your Giving Tree branches that you recruited, or you don't see your recruiter as the root of your tree, give me a yell and I'll patch it up so you get due credit.

But first, see you at 400! The sooner the better.

Nice try, but no. Benj's new hairstyle must involve *less* hair.