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Comment On: Feline Hope



These kittens were brought to us when they were about 3 weeks ago.  A little girl had named them, so we agreed to keep the name.  We thought that this would help us not get attached.  Well, it was hard to say goodbye, but one did stay behind.

This was my favorite, He has found a perfect home

This is the one our friends adopted



This is the one we adopted

Lil Piggy became Winter – but he still lives up to his name.  He is a big time eater!
His new name is Winter


Also while we were fostering, we took in a kitty overnight that a friend brought us that was dumped on the Wright Memorial Bridge.  They thought he had been thrown out a window, his two front paws were raw, and his ear was all beat up.  Feline Hope took him in, took care of his medical care, they found him a home but did not release him until he was all better.  Feline Hope told me this is quite common for people to do, they just toss the kittens out the window and hope they land in the water instead of on the bridge.  They named him Bridge.


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