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Comment On: Epilepsy Foundation



November is Epilepsy Awareness month!

My daughter Katie has had epilepsy since December 2015- just about 3 years now. In that time she’s had about 30 seizures. While we seem to have found a medication that keeps them at bay, we never really know for sure.  Breakthrough seizures happen and they can’t be predicted more than 5 minutes from onset. Katie’s seizures are particularly terrifying because her heart stops for the duration of the seizure.  Add to that I’m a single mom and I have no help when she goes down unless I’m able to call 911. I consider us lucky because Katie comes back to baseline quickly and with few residual effects.  Other people with epilepsy cannot function for the rest of the day after a seizure.  Some folks seize so often they can’t function at all. One friend broke his shoulder during a seizure, and had his arm immobilized for months. It’s also possible to die from seizures. Let’s throw some money toward research to end this disorder. #MakeEpilepsyHistory

1 in 26 people will have a seizure sometime in their life.


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