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Comment On: Carroll’s Kitchen



Here’s a story and video update from last month on Carroll’s Kitchen, via ABC 11.

Carroll’s Kitchen in downtown Raleigh is offering employment exclusively for women seeking a second chance to get back on their feet.

“We now offer employment and a second chance to women coming out of incarceration, homelessness, domestic violence, unplanned pregnancies, things like that,” said Lindsey Blankenhorn, Executive Director of Carroll’s Kitchen.

Shelley, a part-time worker at Carroll’s Kitchen did not want to speak about why she was in need but is optimistic about her future. “I’m finishing up my Associates in Science. I have a few classes left, and plan to transfer to a four-year college,” she said.

Another woman said it was her best job and that Carroll’s Kitchen is really helping her out.

Blankenhorn said that Carroll’s Kitchen does a 30- to 45-day trial period for each of the women, and if they do well, they’re expected to work for Carroll’s Kitchen for one to two years.

“Our hope for them is that once they’ve been with us, they’re launched into a new place of employment that’s more secure and at a higher wage,” said Blankenhorn.

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