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Comment On: Feeding America



This is important, yes, I know how hard it has been for everyone during COVOD-19 but I’m about to do something controversial and urge all voters for this cause to change their votes to a Black Lives Matter charity this month.

As a collective group of donors, we simply cannot ignore the in-our-face issue out there over the past few weeks – of course it’s a systemic issue that always exists but now more than ever we need to take a stand.

Corporations like Audible are donating 100% of the income made from books downloaded on their anti-racism reading list to Black Lives Matter – we need to be following suit!

We can come back to Feeding America but for now, please consider – just for this month – changing your vote to either Color for Change or the Movement for Black Lives.

I’m so sorry Zardoz, I don’t mean to undermine you with this message.  I just really believe we need to think differently right now.  I hope you understand.

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