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Comment On: Environmental Educators of North Carolina



April is Earth Month – as well as the starting of spring in many parts of the US.  What’s your favorite sign of spring? Whether you’re enjoying early spring flowers, the first tiny leaves, changes in animal activity, or just more hours of sunshine, this season epitomizes growth. Much of that growth is happening underground, in dens, or inside something before we ever get to see those signs. You could say the same thing about EENC right now!

Last month, EENC finalized our outline to best support North Carolina’s community of environmental educators over the next few years.  Like many of your organizations, we reevaluate our priorities every few years so that we can maximize our impact and make the best use of our capacity.

Over the next three years, we will focus our efforts on:

  • Advocating for the field of environmental education.
  • Building partnerships to advance EE efforts in and beyond the classroom.
  • Becoming a better, and better-known, resource for professional development, news, and tools to support North Carolina’s diverse audience of environmental educators.
  • Building our internal capacity so EENC can continue to grow and serve the needs of our community.

Through all of these focus areas, we are developing specific strategies to weave in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, a broad definition of what environmental education looks like and who our state’s environmental educators are, and actionable ways to measure our progress.

Will you help us make this possible? Please vote for us this month’s rankings!

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