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Comment On: First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center



Agree with Bethany here.

RoamX points out that these *crisis centers* really do help with diapers + other material needs for people who want to parent, those who choose to continue with their pregnancy to term.

That’s a welcome social service and should have no ideological/theological agenda. Parents do have serious economic burdens when raising a child, many are in economic crisis.

Helping is great. Deception is fraud. Market your service accordingly. If giving away strollers or cribs is what you offer prospective parents of wanted children, say that. Maybe people would want to donate — but if your intention is to scare people who aren’t aligned with your demands for them — do not — tell them they can’t or shouldn’t follow through on their decisions to proceed with abortion care.

In other words, don’t be frauds. Just be honest and forthright with everyone, including donors at Charitocracy. +




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